Indian Frontliners Articles 2017

Dr. Fajila Azad (d.lit),  Life Coach and Hypnotist Dr. Fajila Azad (d.lit), Life Coach and Hypnotist "First for fun, in work, second to none" She has broken the glass ceiling and paved the way for many women in our society to reach higher.
PROF. BALA V. BALACHANDRAN PROF. BALA V. BALACHANDRAN Founder and Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, J. L. Kellogg Distinguished Professor- Northwestern University, Illinois, USA
 Dr. Waseem Ahmad Siddiqi Dr. Waseem Ahmad Siddiqi A scientist by profession, A writer by passionwith full of dedication, honesty, courage and a man of simple living.
Dr. M K SubhashChander Dr. M K SubhashChander A multi faceted personality with long expertise in HR field and jewels of experience HR, OD Interventions, Coach, Talent Development& Motivational Speaker

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